Quality control

We test and verify all products through our in-house quality control systems, making sure we deliver an optimal product that meets or exceeds our customer requirements.

Quality control from start to finish

As an independent distributor of tapes, we can offer unbiased advice based on our deep technical knowledge in order to give our customers a competitive edge.

Tested, approved and certified

We strive to deliver products and services that meets or exceeds our client’s expectations as well as current certifications and policies.

Our green credentials

We’re considering our environmental impact in everything we do – from material selection and way of manufacture all the through to the shipping method.

A better choice

Often there’s an environmental advantage of using tape compared to other fastening products. Coupled with our knowledge, this gives our customers a environmentally competitive edge.

Certified since 2006

Since 2006 we’re running Sweden’s only environmentally certified tape print-shop.

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