etab 825 etab 825 – Strapping tape glass fibre reinforced PP-film

A strong and robust glass fibre reinforced strapping tape, this version with longitudinal glass fibre threads. Suitable for a wide range of warehouse related strapping and bundling applications, including securing goods onto pallets and for reliable sealing of heavy parcels and cardboard boxes.

Combines a strong and secure bond with high tensile and tear strength in primarily the longitudinal direction, making it ideal for demanding tasks. Also available with crossweave glass fibre threads, etab 810, that is suitable for heavier goods that require high tensile and tear strength in both the longitudinal and transverse direction of the tape.

Made of glass fibre reinforced PP-film, with approximately 8-10 threads per cm width, with synthetic adhesive. Also available with 4-5 threads per cm width, etab 808.